Moral Side To Poker

Moral Side To Poker

In the game, we constantly observe our fellow players and repeatedly make decisions based on their behavior. There are often tough decisions that make the difference between weal and woe. In life, we often have to make tough decisions, but we do them with care. What we can take away from the game of poker here is a knowledge of what it means to be ripped off and what impact it will have on others. But there is much more to life than in poker: Can I live with the consequences of my respective decisions?The game of poker also teaches us, despite all our responsibilities, to remain flexible in our actions. Being a rigid creature of habit will quickly lead to ruin at the poker table – it is far too easy for other players to see through us. When playing poker, we should be brave or humble, aggressive or cautious, we can bet a lot or less, play actively or only passively. It should be the same in life. If you can’t do that, you will not only limit your poker game, but also your own life and possibly limit it.

Indeed, it seems that poker players must have many talents that they need in the game. They can definitely use the same talents to their advantage in everyday life. For example, the famous poker face has many uses: Our reaction to something worse than it looks. Or, for example, our reaction to a purchase price that is much higher than expected. Also when negotiating, if we absolutely want something, but the seller shouldn’t look at us, otherwise he might set the price higher.

We also use the well-known bluffing more often in everyday life than we suspect. Bluffing is a balancing act between truth and lies in order to mislead other people. You deliberately leave your negotiating or interlocutor in the dark about what you really have in mind in order to ultimately get what you actually want.

Discipline is certainly one of the most important attributes in life, as in the game of poker. This can even be used to see through a bluff and good self-discipline also creates self-confidence. It is a kind of persistence to follow something consistently or to pull it off.

Ultimately, in life and in poker, we should always remember that if we don’t have fun doing something, we won’t have an opportunity to win really well. Therefore, we should always have a great time in everything we do.


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